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Ear Wax Removal Masterclass for Pharmacists


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Enhance your skills and knowledge with our bespoke course designed for pharmacists. 

Welcome to the Tinnitus Guy Academy, your gateway to mastering the art of ear wax removal. Our comprehensive training program is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of pharmacists seeking to expand their skill set and elevate their practice.

Choose the Tinnitus Guy Academy for your ear wax removal training needs. Led by our CEO Nasir Rashid, our experienced team provides tailored training materials and hands-on practical sessions to cater to diverse learning styles. With hassle-free booking and travel planning, flexible payment options, and ongoing support, we empower pharmacists to excel in ear care. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards mastering ear wax removal.

TTG Academy Ear Care Course

TTG Academy Ear Care Course

Is This Course Right for You?

You Are...

  • A Forward-Thinking Pharmacist:​​ You're dedicated to expanding the scope of services you offer through your pharmacy, striving to provide comprehensive care that meets all your patients' needs.

  • Conscious of Time and Resources: You understand the importance of efficiency and are seeking a streamlined yet thorough training solution that respects your busy schedule and financial investment.

  • Eager for Quick Implementation: You're interested in quickly integrating new services into your practice. Our course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to launch enhanced ear care services promptly after completion.

  • Committed to Excellence: You value high standards and are looking for advanced training that delivers skills and a competitive edge in your field.

  • Ready to Invest in Quality: You appreciate the value of premium services and are prepared to invest in top-tier training that promises not only to enhance your professional skills but also to elevate your practice's reputation and client satisfaction.

"What an experience! I feel the two day course was so valuable. I really value the hands on practice with the live subjects. I'm keen to learn more about Business in a Box, because the earlier I can start the better."

Malina (Birmingham)- Ear Care Masterclass Student 


Read our detailed brochure 

1 / Tailor made Curriculum for Pharmacists ...

Customized curriculum designed exclusively for pharmacists' unique learning needs.

2 / Academically Vetted Materials: Sourced from Primary Research

All course materials are rigorously sourced from primary academic references to ensure the highest standards of scholarly integrity

3 / Bridging Ear Care and Pharmacy First Proficiencies

Our course content aligns with Pharmacy First requirements, facilitating seamless transfer of learning and otoscopy qualifications.

4 / Hassle Free Booking Service 

Simplified booking process for a stress-free experience from start to finish

5 / Trained by the best ...

Experienced trainers, driven by passion, eager to share their wisdom

6 / Safeguarded Training: Comprehensive Protection and Personalized Instruction...

Rest assured with TTG's full insurance cover, ensuring peace of mind throughout.

7 / Multiple qualifications in one course...

Gain proficiency in diverse techniques: microsuction, irrigation, manual tools, and more

8 / Packed full-day practical...

Over 25 pre-vetted clients booked to maximise your exposure

9 / 360 Support- Before, During and After 

Complete guidance throughout your journey: before, during, and after your training

10 / Comprehensive Training logbook... 

Keep track of your training journey with our detailed logbook

11 / Small Class Sizes for Personalised Instruction...

An intimate learning environment with small class sizes—just six students per two expert trainers

12 / Guidance Beyond Graduation: Ongoing Support  ...

Receive continuous support beyond graduation for sustained success in your practice.

13 / Clinic Shadowing at TTG for Practical Mastery...

Refine your skills through practical mastery with clinic shadowing at TTG

14 / Course Recordings for Lifelong Learning...

Access course recordings for continual learning and skill enhancement.

15 / Grow your network of likeminded professionals...

Expand your professional network with like-minded peers for growth opportunities.

16 / Business in a box...

Get everything you need to kickstart your business with our 'Business in a Box' package.

17 / Business Consultation to set up your service ... 

1:1 consultation to assist you in setting up and growing your business

18 / Essential Clinic Tools for Seamless Care...

Essential clinical management tools like 'red flag history taking guide', 'onward referral triaging guide' etc... all included

19 / Pass Assurance Guarantee

We're committed to your success. If you don't pass, we don't stop until you do. Plus, attendance at future courses is included if needed

20 / Robust and Discretionary Assessments... 

Comprehensive yet flexible assessments ensure thorough understanding and personal growth.

21 / Pre-exam Memory aids 

To maximise your potential for success, we have created pre-exam memory cards to refresh your memory

22 / Creature Comforts Included...

Nourish your mind and body with complimentary meals and refreshments.

23 / Flexible Payment Options

Tailored payment plans to fit your financial preferences and needs