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Our Services

Our Aim...​

The Tinnitus Guy is a business that was founded to meet the needs of those who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus. We are concentrating on developing best service to satisfy all of your ear wax removal needs. We are aware of the hardships experienced by those who have obstructed wax after the NHS stopped providing funds for the treatment. We have developed several reasonably priced remedies to help to be of assistance. Currently, you can pick between two clinic locations in Birmingham (Twilight Pharmacy- Small Heath) and Solihull (Northbrook Pharmacy- Shirley). Both offer wheelchair accessibility, a designated clinic room, and plenty of parking. You can generally get an appointment within a few days because we have worked hard to build a lot of capacity throughout the week.

Nasir Rashid, our CEO, has worked as an audiologist for the NHS for more than 14 years. The more complex ear wax removal instances, such as those involving young toddlers and those with learning disabilities, can be handled by him thanks to his competence in the field. We have a special paediatric clinic for kids 6 to 13 years old. This service has been warmly received by the community, as the existing NHS ENT wait periods are over a year. For people who would not otherwise be able to visit the clinic locations, we also provide a dedicated home visit service.

Other Services...

Our personalised ear mould service is helpful for those who have susceptible ears. Why not have some personalised water barrier moulds made so you may use them in the shower rather than Vaseline and cotton wool? Use noise protection earplugs if you operate in an environment with a lot of noise to preserve your hearing. If your sweetheart snores all night long despite your love for them, think about investing in some snore plugs to ensure you have a restful night's sleep.

We pride ourselves on our service and have priced ourselves very reasonably in order to maximise benefit. It is common in cases of stubborn wax to require follow appointments to finish the job. We don't charge anything extra for the first follow-up, and in 95% of cases, the procedure is completed at this point. In rare cases of extremely stubborn wax or complex ears, we may need to book a third appointment, for which we only charge an additional £35

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