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Ear Wax Removal From home

For those who spend most of their time at home, ear wax can be a severe issue. An ear wax blockage can occur unexpectedly and can have a major negative effect on our health, frequently resulting in pain, vertigo, and hearing issues. People who are unable to leave the house have a higher likelihood of developing ear wax build-up.

Will ear wax dissolve on its own?

  • The warm environment of the house provides the wax with the perfect circumstances to expand and fill the ear canal.

  • The mechanism by which wax naturally exits the ear is based on the body producing new skin, and the wax exiting the ear together with the old inner ear canal skin. Our skin dries up as we age, making this process less effective.

  • People who utilise hearing aids continuously restrict their ear openings. This indicates that the wax that would typically expel is blocked. The newly formed wax then causes traffic congestion, which ultimately results in plugged ears.

How to remove ear wax at home easily?

  • Conventional ear wax suction devices were exceedingly heavy and not at all portable. The technique could only be performed in hospitals since the enormous microscope required to examine ears cost tens of thousands of pounds. Traditionally, nurses would remove wax from ears at home, but they would do so using a technique based on water irrigation. Since there is a greater chance of the ear drum being seriously injured, this treatment is no longer regarded as safe.

  • Covid merely exacerbated the issue. Unfortunately, removing ear wax wasn't a top priority as a result of the epidemic, which forced all medical practitioners to develop new distance working methods. People have been left stranded and defenceless since many ear wax removal specialists still refuse to come to them at home.

  • We can now satisfy this requirement thanks to recent technological advancements. Our audiologists can perform ear micro-suction in the convenience of your home without sacrificing the standard of medical care thanks to mobile suction equipment and cameras that attach to phones.

  • Micro-suction requires less preparation than water irrigation. Most of the time, using ear drops for 2-3 days is enough to soften the wax before suctioning. For ear wax removal  Otex ear drops are strongly advised!  Olive oil drops are nearly as effective if you don't have Otex before your appointment.

  • The audiologist should ideally be seated at the same level as the patient. Chairs from a dining table are suitable here. The audiologist will make every attempt to access the ears in some situations where patients are not very mobile to complete the operation.

How does ear wax removal drops work?

Preparing for your appointment. 

Is ear wax removal safe?

  • Due to the fragility of our ears, the treatment must be carried out only by licenced audiologists, ENT physicians, or skilled ENT nurses. But ear micro-suctioning is typically a simple and painless technique in the hands of a skilled professional.

Is ear wax removal messy?

  • No. As we are not using water, there is no mess involved with the procedure.

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